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Self-Employment 'Is A Ticking Time Bomb'

The rise of self-employed workers risks a 'pension ticking time bomb' for blue collar workers, a union has warned.

Under-employment 'stubbornly high'

More people than ever are looking for extra working hours to make ends meet amid a huge increase in under-employment, according to a new report.

Pew: Split views on robots' employment benefits

WASHINGTON (AP) — In 2025, self-driving cars could be the norm, people could have more leisure time and goods could become cheaper. Or, there could be chronic unemployment and an even wider income gap, human interaction could become a luxury and the wealthy could live in walled cities with robots serving as labor.

Unemployment dips to 7%, most new jobs are part time

Canada's unemployment rate edged down to seven per cent in July, with just 200 new jobs created, according to Statistics Canada. This was a heightened problem for people over age 55, who saw employment continue to fall. "If you look at the overall story, self-employment is rising," Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist of CIBC World Markets Inc., told CBC News.  "So clearly, the quality of jobs ...

Recession 'widening gender pay gap'

Almost a million more women have moved into low paid, insecure jobs since the recession which is fuelling a widening "inequality gap", according to a new report.

Robots to up-end the world of work, for good and bad

Robots and artificially intelligent devices will take over many jobs now done by people, and experts are divided as to whether their spread will do human society more good than harm. The Pew Research Center said experts see a growing role for self-driving cars, delivery drones, robotic workers, smartphone-based assistants and even algorithmic journalism by 2025. Lee Rainie, director of the Pew ...

Unemployment total falls to 2.08m

The Government said its economic plans were creating growth and jobs after new figures showed another big fall in unemployment and more people in work.

New Brunswick election focus turns to employment, emphasis on young people

MONCTON, N.B. - New Brunswick's political parties focused on job creation on the campaign trail Thursday, floating proposals to keep young people working as well as policies to promote employment in the ...

Canada unemployment falls to 7.0 percent in July

Canada added 42,000 jobs in July, pushing the unemployment rate down a notch to 7.0 percent, according to revised numbers released by the government statistical agency Friday. The figure is a big jump from the 200 jobs that Statistics Canada reported in error last week and twice what analysts had forecast. "Details within the report were not quite as strong," commented CIBC World Markets ...

This Is What Robots Will Be Doing in 2025

While there's opinions differ over whether the net effect will be positive or negative, most respondents agree that artificial intelligence's impact on the future of work will be significant.